The Chosen Few
Set in the near future and relying on technology currently under development, The Chosen Few tells the story of a regular, ordinary person, Jason Brady, forced into an experimental medical treatment for relief of severe migraine headaches.

The treatment relies on experimental nanotechnology, compromised by an amazing discovery-an extraterrestrial contact.

Sloppy housekeeping makes Jason the link between the alien signal and the professor behind their detection. The nanotech company wants to stop Jason from destroying their product plans, and the government wants to stop the professor from revealing what he has learned. The only way out is to secure a computer and announce this discovery to the world before they are caught.

Four To Go
Set in the recent past, Four To Go tells the story of a n average working man, Jared Shaw, who is struggling to feed his family since the Democrats controlled the White House.

He’s been mistreated, lied to, and stolen from. He’s dreamed of revenge, and now he’s managed to trick a collection of people into doing his dirty work for him. All he has to do is keep them from finding out who they’re really working for.

What seemed at first like a harmless way to make some money and get back at the people who did him wrong quickly snowballs into a threat to his family, and his sanity.